Oracle hebt die Preise für MySQL an – nur weiß keiner genau wie viel

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Oracle LogoOracle hat mehr als einmal klar gemacht, dass die MySQL-Datenbank weiter entwickelt und vorangetrieben werden soll. Allerdings bekommen Kunden derzeit ein herzliches E-Mail von dem Verkaufs-Team, dass es in naher Zukunft Preiserhöhungen geben wird. Die Unterstützung für die Silver- und Basic-Pakete werden wohl komplett aufgelöst. Somit müssten Kunden zu Gold greifen, was laut dem derzeitigen MySQL-Preismodell eine doch recht satte Erhöhung bedeutet.

Laut The Register steigt das kommerzielle Interesse in PostgerSQL derzeit stark. Dieser Trend sei zu beobachten, seit MySQL in den Händen von Oracle ist. Oracle macht sich derzeit wöchentlich mehr Freunde, mir deucht.

Hier die Oracle-E-Mail im Original, die auf so veröffentlicht wurde:

“Hello Customer,

I am writing as way of introduction. My name is […] and I am your
MySQL contact at Oracle. It is my understanding that you are the most
appropriate person to speak with at your organization regarding MySQL.
If you have any MySQL requirements, questions on the products,
support, consulting or training we provide, please do not hesitate in
contacting me.

I’m sure you are aware that Oracle purchased Sun and therefore MySQL
last February. We’re being told that there will be changes to MYSQL’s
pricing and possibly pricing model soon and wanted to let you know.
We have not had a price increase for over 6 years but there will be an
increase in the next price list that will be available soon. We’ve
been expecting the increase for the past couple of months but I’m told
it the new price list will be released soon.

For those of you using Basic and Silver support we’re being told those
options will no longer be available. If you wish to continue with
Basic or Silver you will need to sign a multi-year agreement and you
would be able to keep using Basic or Silver for up to another 3 years.

If you are considering purchasing additional licenses for MySQL
support subscription, please let me know, because you can save money
if you do it before the changes take place, some time in the next
month or two. You can also sign multi-year agreements and lock down
current prices for up to 3 years.

You can receive up to a 30% discount for a 3 yr. commitments pre-pay
but annual payments are available as well for multi-year agreements.

If you would like to speak to someone about MySQL Cluster, please let
me know and I can arrange for an expert to call you within the next

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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