Kodi Matrix 19.2 ist veröffentlicht

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Es ist eine Wartungs-Version und deswegen gibt es auch keine neuen Funktionen. Allerdings ist Kodi 19.1 schon eine Weile auf dem Markt und deswegen gibt es relativ viele Fixes.

Ein Update sollte sich auf jeden Fall lohnen und es ist nicht zu befürchten, dass bestimmte Add-ons und so weiter wegen eines Versionssprungs nicht mehr funktionieren.

Möchtest Du neu installieren, findest Du die aktuelle Version des Multimedia-Centers im Download-Bereich der Projektseite. Dort gibt es Varianten mitunter für Linux, Android, Windows, macOS und auch Raspberry Pi.

Ich bin etwas faul und deswegen hier eine Fast-Kopie des Changelogs:


  • Fixed: crash when accessing invalid PVR channel from favourites
  • Fixed: crash on startup while searching for missing channel icons
  • Fixed: crash on startup caused by missing timer type
  • Fixed: “Delete permanently” of recordings from trash
  • Other, more minor bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug that deleted UniqueID’s when scraping the library, which caused unexpected behaviour for addons relying on those ID’s


  • Added translations for emulators and game controller add-ons


  • Expose icon path of EPG tags as ‘thumbnail’ property
  • Expose series number of EPG tags as ‘seasonnum’ property.


  • Websocket: handles partial messages


  • Fixed: display logic for official and third-party modules


  • Fixed: possible crash when switching monitors due to adding/removing hardware.
  • Fixed: audio passthrough not working (randomly) on some systems when display refresh rate match is enabled.
  • Improved: flip discard swap chain is used on all Windows 10 systems even if graphics driver does not support latest DirectX feature levels.
  • Improved: 10-bit swap chain is used by default on Windows 10 systems when HDR display is detected (for 8-bit SDR video sources too).
  • Fixed: possible crash related to WS-Discovery when non-computer devices (e.g. IP cameras) are attached to the same network.
  • Fixed: possible crash when HDR is toggled on/off externally from Windows 10 display settings.
  • Fixed: no picture or wrong black level with some video drivers when limited range output is enabled in conjunction with hardware acceleration DXVA2 and HDR passthrough.


  • Fixed: external storage volumes not visible on devices running old Android versions


The big news here is that we can finally make 19.x “Matrix” available on the Xbox – thanks for putting up with the delay while we fixed the blockers!

  • Fixed: crash on playback of 4K HEVC videos due to out-of-memory condition.
  • Fixed: GUI rendered at 1080 and upscaled to 4K instead of native 4K.
  • Fixed: 4K resolution is incorrectly reported in logs as 1920×1080.
  • Fixed: crash when “Switch display refresh rate at Start/Stop” is enabled with 4K resolution.
  • Fixed: tone mapping not used by default at playback HDR videos.
  • Fixed: missing display refresh rate info on Video Debug Info OSD (Alt+O).
  • Fixed: Internet SSL connectivity not working due not usable path to built-in CA certs bundle.
  • Improved: swap chain performance using DXGI_SWAP_EFFECT_FLIP_DISCARD.
  • Improved: 10-bit swap chain surfaces are used if an HDR-capable TV is detected (even for 8-bit SDR videos).
  • Improved: HEVC DXVA2 decoder performance using 128 byte aligned decoder surfaces.

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