Facebook or Twitter blocked?: How to install TOR

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TOR Logo 150x150A short description if some body blocked certain websites like it happens at the moment in Egypt. The solution is to use TOR (The Onion Router). It’s very simple to implement – but sometimes a bit slow (better than nothing). Here is a step by step solution:

  • Download TOR from here and choose (Windows or Mac OS X) the stable Vidalia Bundle
  • Install it and leave everything ticked.
  • Restart Firefox
  • Use Firefox as the Installation has implemented a TOR button that usually can be found in the lower right corner (see screenshot)
  • Wait until Vidalia (it’s a small green onion symbol in your taskbar) has connected to the TOR network.
  • Single left click on the TOR button in Firefox to enable TOR
  • Enjoy!
TOR button in Firefox

TOR button in Firefox

Vidalia Control Panel

That's how the Vidalia Control Panel looks like (available in different languages)

If you are using Linux and speak German then you will find a detailed article here.

Swift ist ein bedingungsloses Krypto-Einkommen - ich hole mir jeden Tag meine 100 ab.

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2 Kommentare zu “Facebook or Twitter blocked?: How to install TOR”

  1. chris sagt:

    MAC OSX Users download:
    above link just goes to vidalia bundle (you may change). The link I provide here is the whole tor/vidalia bundle.


    • jdo sagt:

      Chris: if Firefox is already installed you only need the Vidalia bundle - there should be everything included there. Anyway use one or the other 🙂