Old Man of Storr in White – Isle of Skye in Snow – 360° Panorama

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Our holidays on the Isle of Skye in Scotland have been really cold. The weather changed all the time and we even had some snowfall. But snow can be very beautiful – if it’s not slush. The Old Man of Storr covered in white was really quite nice.

The Old Man of Storr is one of the Tradmarks of the Isle of Skye. You’ll find the rock formation a little bit north of Portree. The place is very popular and sometimes really crowded with people. The walk isn’t very far but at some parts quite steep.

There are two benefits if you get up early enough and walk up to the Old Man of Storr. First there is nobody else up there and second you will witness a beautiful sunrise. So we started 4 am and still had to hurry. The problem was that the walk was harder in the snow. The plan was to get up even higher (to the right side on the picture) but we ran out of time for that.We did manage to catch the first sunrays anyways. Directly below the Old Man of Storr you will find a loch. Depending on how you position yourself you will get a very nice reflection. That made up for our original plan.

Old Man of Storr and the first sunrays of the day - Jeanette (left) dnd Clive (right) - to give you some sense of dimensions ...

Old Man of Storr and the first sunrays of the day – Jeanette (left) dnd Clive (right) – to give you some sense of dimensions …

Old Man of Storr – 360° Panorama

We were very lucky that we had some blue sky while being up and taking pictures. If you look to the left in the 360° panorama you will see a very dark sky. This weather was heading in our direction. Luckily the weather was nice enough for the time we’ve been up there.

Getting up very early in the morning and manage the challenging walk up to the Old Man of Storr over snow and ice was worth all the effort. If you ever visit the Isle of Skye put the Old Man of Storr on your list. But get there as early as possible. Sometimes we passed by the parking lot in between 9 am and 4 pm and it was quite crowded – in low season! In that case you will find it quite hard to be able to take a picture with nobody in it.

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